Who Am I To Judge?

Who am I to judge?


Who an I to judge? Why?

I am going to write some things that are bound to upset some folks.

The thought struck me as I see all the people with their rainbow colored pictures decorating social media website all across the internet today.

And the question that comes to mind is WHY?

Why are you altering you photo?

To show support, agreement with the idea, to appear a certain way?

It doesn’t really matter to anyone, but YOU, how you feel/think/stand on a certain ‘idea’.

Personally, I continuously ask myself the questions, “Who am I to judge anyone or anything outside of me?”

I quickly follow that up with, “Why am I judging this or that (usually as good or bad or whatever other emotion ‘it’ has caused to form within me?”

Because we all judge things all the time. But our judgement of them is just like our opinion. Everyone has a right to one, but they do not have a right to force it on anyone else. Now, this too is MY belief…that we are all created as equal human BEINGS and deserve to BE OURSELVES. You may or may not agree with that. Guess what? It doesn’t really matter. It only matters what I believe and how I choose to live this life.

Often I find the answer to these questions reveals some fear or prejudice or belief I have chosen. Asking the questions, gives me a chance to STOP and really ask myself if the fear is real or just imagined, the prejudice or belief if even mine or just something I picked up along my way.

It allows me the time and freedom to make my choice of reaction, truly MINE.

Not what I think my response should be or what I think my family or friends would expect it to me, but MINE. How I really feel, think and believe about something (anything, everything).

I could continue, but I think you probably get my point.

Really think and consider what you do, say, and be…make sure it is creating the life YOU want.

Be Loving. Love Being. Be You.

I am who I am.

I am…

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