Water Tip To Get What You Need

1525503_10151922667190665_804321457_nWater, how much do you drink a day?

Do you get at least 8 glasses a day?
There are all sorts of formulas and tons of advice on how much water you should drink each day.  I have read them all…and just gotten confused.
But then, I decided to simplify and just listen to a piece of advice my dad (Einar) gave me.  He has had lots of heart problems over the years and had to figure out how to drink more water (Doctors orders).
He told me his trick is to keep a glass of water on the counter and by his work space (he is retired and works from home most of the time…although no one in my family ever retires–type A’s,  all of us).
I was having a hard time drinking water following my Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  I had been a Diet Coke Addict and 2 pot a day coffee drinker up until that event.
But, I decided to give it a try.  I went in the cupboard and found my favorite glass.  I filled it up and put it where I would easily see it.  I put it in my foot path, so I would have to walk by it several times a day.

Every time I walked by, I would drink the glass, then refill it…and repeat.

Back in the beginning, I would track each glass of water I drank, by putting a little hatch mark on a piece of paper (sticky note or my daily tracking sheet–when I was using them).
Before you know it, I had no problem drinking enough water.
It was easy.
And I noticed I was not craving the coffee and Diet Cokes anymore.
It did take my body a little while to adjust…more frequent trips to the bathroom, for example.  But that was only a day or two.  Once the toxins were flushed out of my body…all was well and regular again,
So, try it.  Go find your favorite glass and put it where you can not miss it.
Let me know how it works for you!

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