Random 30 Day Flip Book 29: Love = Power

Only Love

Only LOVE is Real!

Random 30 Day Flip Book (29): Love=Power

“Unconditional love from the heart=ultimate power!” (page 47)

Here is today’s random pick from ‘Flip Book, Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wild”.

What does this phrase mean to you?

What could it mean for you?

Jot down what comes to mind immediately.

Perhaps write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you throughout your day. Then as thoughts occur to you, capture them, by writing them down. I do this when I do not have my personal flip book handy. You see, I am always working on a new flip book of my own.

If nothing comes to mind, that is ok too. Just BE with it. Not everything means anything to all of us.

Here are a few of the things that came into my thoughts as I read this phrase:

• Love =Power

• Unconditional Love=Ultimate Power

• There is nothing on the planet more powerful than unconditional love.

• Most love is conditional.

• Unconditional love means I love you, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what you say, do, be. I love your BEING.

• A mother’s love for her child is often an example of this. Note, not all mothers love their children unconditionally. For example: My children can do, say, be ANYTHING and I will always love them…until I draw my last breathe and even after that (for I believe my soul is eternal). Some mothers disown their children if they do not act as they want or believe what they do…A son tells his parents he is gay and they disown him, a daughter chooses a partner her mom doesn’t approve of and she no longer communicates with her.

• What examples of unconditional love can you think of?

• Do you love unconditionally?

• Are you loved unconditionally by anyone?

• I unconditionally love myself (well I sure ought to).

• Love for people is often conditional in our world…if you do this, I will love you. If you do not do this, I will not love you. If you treat me a certain way, I will love you. If you do not treat me the way I want, I will not love you. For example: Most marriages are conditional. There are some things a spouse can do that cause the other to end the relationship. Some marriages end because a spouse is unfaithful (infidelity), loses a job , has some sort of addiction, is mentally or physically abusive, financial issues or some sort of core-value mismatch.

• Giving and withholding love is a powerful tool, but it is often used as a weapon.

• The one who loves more in many relationships, has relinquished their power to another…one needs to always maintain their personal power to have a healthy relationship with someone

• When I unconditionally love myself, I am at my most powerful.

• Unconditional self-love creates power, builds confidence and self-esteem, which leads to me living the life that is best for me.

• Unconditional love is the greatest energy in the Universe. Like all energy, it can not be created or destroyed.

• Love is the one thing that is never wasted. If I give my love to someone who does not return it, I have not lost anything. The person who was not able to receive it is the one who has missed out.

• Fantasy buster: There is no such thing as ‘one true love’…there are over 7 billion people on the planet and the number is always changing, since people are born and die ever minute. What are the chances that of all those, only ONE is right for you?

• Write down, note what happens to you. What happens for you. How you feel.

• Loving unconditionally is a powerful gift to me (as well as the other person).

• I am my most powerful when I give love (to myself and others). When I let myself receive love, it is like a bonus battery charge.

• Unconditional love comes from the heart, not just the mind. It is our SOUL loving.

• How can you show yourself unconditional love? (Step one for most of us is to monitor/eliminate the negative self-talk.) Pick one thing and start doing it today. Maybe it is to pay attention to the times you speak to yourself harshly. Perhaps it is to take better care of your body. What if you meditated for 5 minutes, took a walk outside, breathed?

• BEING YOU is loving yourself unconditionally.

• Love is my gift to the world. How I choose to express that is why I am here. How do you want to express love in your lifetime and leave an impression?

• If you want to experience massive power, find ways to love unconditionally from your heart…start by loving YOU!

Write down, note what happens to you. What happens for you. How you feel.

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Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!
Because YOU Deserve To THRIVE!


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