Random 30 Day Flip Book 18: What I Think…

Think for YOU

You Choose For YOU!

Random 30 Day Flip Book (18): What I Think…

“It does not matter ever what others think/feel/believe-
–only what I think/feel/believe/vibrate/attract!”
(page 426)

Here is today’s random pick from ‘Flip Book, Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wild”.

What does this phrase mean to you?

What could it mean for you?

Jot down what comes to mind immediately.

Perhaps write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you throughout your day. Then as thoughts occur to you, capture them, by writing them down. I do this when I do not have my personal flip book handy. You see, I am always working on a new flip book of my own.

If nothing comes to mind, that is ok too. Just BE with it. Not everything means anything to all of us.

Here are a few of the things that came into my thoughts as I read this phrase:

• The only reaction that ever matters (to me) is mine.

• Things happen around me all the time. It is up to me to decide what they mean (to me and for me).

For example: Someone says or does something ‘mean’ to you.
Someone judges you.
Someone calls you a name.
You can choose to give them your power (energy) and agree with them OR
realize that it NEVER really matters what anyone else says or does.
YOU, and only you, get to decide how it will affect you.
Note: How people react, says everything about THEM and nothing about you.

• I decide what everything means. I don’t have to, but I GET to.

• No one and nothing is powerful enough to change my mind (thoughts/feelings/beliefs).

• What I think/feel/believe determines what I attract into my life. If I think predominantly positive, happy, grateful thoughts, that is what I will create most in my life. (Life is a series of events and experience, that only we decide if they are good or bad. Have you ever had something happen and think it is the end of the world, only to find a year or two down the road, it was one of the best things that could have possibly happened to you?]

• Knowing only what I think and how I choose to feel about things is a big responsibility. (I have to give up blaming things outside of me and making excuses for the results in my life.)

• Who would you want to be able to think/feel/believe FOR you?

• I decide what everything means. I will not let anyone control me.

• It is easier to not think for myself, make excuses, blame others and just go with the flow (be normal and do what everyone else is doing)…but if the little voice inside me is screaming NO…if I am feeling stressed in any way…if I am ‘sick’ or have any type of illness (including over or under weight)…if I have some ‘bad’ habits…these are clear signs that I NEED to change. I need to think for myself. I need to select my own beliefs. I need to pursue my own dreams. I need to BE ME!!!

• I am the creator of my life. No one else is going to do it for me. No one else can do it for me.

• I create my life via my thoughts, beliefs (things I think often), and feelings. If I want to change my life (my results) in any way, I must first change what I am thinking.

• I CHOOSE to be the creator of my life!
Write down, note what happens to you. What happens for you. How you feel.

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Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!
Because YOU Deserve To THRIVE!


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