Random 30 Day Flip Book 16: INTERESTED?


Beautiful Reminder That Being INTERESTED shows you the beauty.

Random 30 Day Flip Book (16): Interested?

“Interested” (page 318)

Here is today’s random pick from ‘Flip Book, Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wild”.

What does this phrase mean to you?

What could it mean for you?

Jot down what comes to mind immediately.

Perhaps write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you throughout your day. Then as thoughts occur to you, capture them, by writing them down. I do this when I do not have my personal flip book handy. You see, I am always working on a new flip book of my own.

If nothing comes to mind, that is ok too. Just BE with it. Not everything means anything to all of us.

Here are a few of the things that came into my thoughts as I read this phrase:

• Be interested…to be interesting.

• Not feeling particularly interested? Ask questions! What is interesting about _________? What might be interesting about this? What if I did find __________ interesting? (This works on the most ordinary of things…something in nature (a flower, insect, animal), your job, your spouse, your children…because upon closer examination, everything is extraordinary and interesting.)

• A sure way to eliminate boredom is to become interested.

• An intelligent mind is interested and curious. How much do you want to know?

• Being an observer of everything around you, is one of the easiest ways to become interested.

• Being interested is being open. Being open make anything possible.

• Interest is the first step in getting what you want. What are you attracted to? What are you interested in? (Isn’t that how all relationships start? You see someone, you are interested…)

• Interest leads to knowledge and experience.

• How you spend your time (your most valuable resource) shows YOU (and everyone else) what you are really interested in.

Write down, note what happens to you. What happens for you. How you feel.

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