Random 30 Day Flip Book 11: WOW!

You Are Amazing

Be Amazing YOU & THRIVE!

Random 30 Day Flip Book (11): WOW!

“Amazement” “Amazed” (page 43)

Here is today’s random pick from ‘Flip Book, Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wild”.

What does this phrase mean to you?

What could it mean for you?

Jot down what comes to mind immediately.

Perhaps write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you throughout your day. Then as thoughts occur to you, capture them, by writing them down. I do this when I do not have my personal flip book handy. You see, I am always working on a new flip book of my own.

If nothing comes to mind, that is ok too. Just BE with it. Not everything means anything to all of us.

Here are a few of the things that came into my thoughts as I read this phrase:

• When was the last time you were amazed (in a good way) by something or someone? How did it make you feel?

• Name 7 things you find amazing. (Sort of like your very own 7 wonders of the world)

• Look for one thing amazing today. (Sometimes a close look at an ordinary thing, proves to be amazing.)

• Amazing things are happening all around you, all the time. Let yourself experience them.

• What do you appreciate? What are you grateful for? Isn’t that amazing?

• Who do you appreciate? Who are you grateful for? Aren’t they amazing?

• I wonder what I could be amazed by today? (I am amazed to wake up each day!)

• Wonder, be curious…let yourself FEEL amazed. How old does that make you feel?

• How easy is it for you to be/feel amazed? (Scale of 1-10 hardest) What can this tell you about you?

Write down, note what happens to you. What happens for you. How you feel.

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Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!
Because YOU Deserve To THRIVE!


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