Opportunity To Change! HELP?

Opportunity To Change!


What else is possible?

No post writing or blog messages from me in a long time. I could make excuses, but none of them are really valid. I just have not made writing a priority lately.

Now, I find myself in a HUGE transition period and want to write about it. I want folks to tell me what to do and help me make some decisions. But…my father passed away, my mom is in her own transition…I got divorced, so no spouse…my son was in a bad car accident and is just trying to recover…my daughter is several states away at photography school…my siblings are busy with their own lives and dramas, as are my friends.

As always, it is my responsibility to figure things out.

And I would not want it any other way.

I AM very open to advice and suggestions from ANYONE and EVERYONE though!


How Easy Is It For You To ASK for Help?

Here is my current situation:

Got divorced (ok, it has been over a year and a half), so the building that my manufacturing business resides in, has been sold. I am OUT in 45 days (give or take a couple for clean up).

Challenging? Yes
Doable? Yes
Stressful? YES

So many options, so little time!

Sell the business.
Move the business.
Outsource the business.
Change the business.
Quit the business (not really an option)…folks LOVE our products and they should not go away.

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages.
Can you help? Do you know anyone who can?
There is a very big opportunity here for the right folks…and I am very open to creative solutions. Lack of time makes me very flexible.

Do you know anyone with some physical room or extra capacity at their current USDA manufacturing facility (preferably in WI or MN)?

Do you know anyone with a food making facility (does not have to be USDA, we already have our Grant Of Inspection and know how to transfer and get a site ready for that)?

Do you know of any vacant restaurants (with a hood and a freezer)?

Do you know any frozen food manufacturers with production capacity?

Do you know any frozen food companies that are looking for additional product lines or synergy to grow their business?

These are the type of folks I know my business could benefit immediately.
These are the people I am contacting and calling on NOW.

Please pass on my contact info: Sharon 715-523-2220 ezhubz@gmail.com

Please do not contact me if you are a business broker or sales person looking to get me to get you to help me sell my business. There is no time for that (unless you have a buyer…then, please call).
Dabruzzi’s Italian Foods, Inc. (Hudson, WI 54016)
World’s Best Hand-made Italian Foods

We currently make hand made ravioli (meat, meat & cheese),red sauce, white sauce, garlic butter bread, manicotti, and cannelloni…no preservatives, so all frozen.

One thought on “Opportunity To Change! HELP?

  1. I own a commercial contracting company in hudson, and would love to help you out. My grandparents were longtime residents of North hudson and know the company well as do I. Please contact me and I will help in any way I can.

    Cell 651-233-0578
    Email.. rsherley@aandkbuilding.com

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