My Thrive Challenge Day 57

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My Thrive Challenge Bonus Day 57
Bonus Day: Slept in until 5:27 am. Took my two Thrive Men’s formula then got up and made my Lifestyle shake.
Yesterday was a busy, varied and dramatic day in my world. Wondering what the Universe is trying to tell me. Perhaps that there is still plenty for me to do…
It was beautiful in the morning and I did get a walk in before work. That just always sets the tone for my entire day. It gives me a chance to center and focus on what I want to happen in my life. That one little activity gives me the feeling of peace and control over all the chaotic things that inevitably happen in all of our lives.
I will be getting a kitten today. My son’s friend Lindsey brought one of her little kittens over to meet me yesterday and of course, I fell in love with her. I am not sure how she will fit in with my daughter’s kitty and puppy, but I know they will all get used to one another and be great friends. Baghera (Bagi), her kitty and Bean, her puppy have become wonderful playmates and friends. I think part of the reason Bean had such an easy transition into our family was because Bagi kept her company. She never cried or whined like most puppies do after leaving their siblings and mommy. I thought that was awesome. Now, I need to think of a name for the little kitten. They have been calling her something Tequila, but that does not really work for me. I will think on it today and let you know tomorrow. I am pretty excited. I do not remember the last time I had a pet that was mine. We have always had family pets, but not one that was really mine.
I was up too late last night. I slept like a rock and feel well rested, but I think I should really be getting more than 5 hours of sleep. In the past I believed I only needed 4 hours of sleep a night. I was, of course, totally misguided in that thinking. I just did not know it. I went years on just 4 or so hours of sleep a night…and it took a toll on me. Now, I really feel my best on 7-8 hours. It really does make a difference.
5:50-5:53 drank my Thrive Lifestyle shake. I sometimes think I will have it with something other than water, but it is just so easy, I seldom do. Put my Thrive Ultra Derma Fuse Technology (DFT) foam (patch) on my right lower inner arm.
Let’s take a look at today’s Bonus My Thrive Challenge Day 57 Lesson.
Day 57 Affirmation:
• I grow and expand by being myself!
• Today (Right Now) I grow and expand by being myself.
• Why is it so easy for me to grow and expand by being myself right now and thrive in all areas of my life?
I had to quickly come up with a new affirmation, because I noticed that I had duplicated Day 56. There are always new and better affirmations to use.

Bottom Line: I am never going to be done challenging myself and thriving. How about you? Where are you right now, compared to where you want to be? Are you at your ideal weight and body appearance? If not, let’s keep going.

I have a couple more bonus days, then I am beginning a new Thrive Challenge. This challenge will be entirely focused on the Mental/Mind/Emotional/Conscious/Sub-conscious (whoo whoo to some folks) aspects of weight and perfect health.
Because that is what I personally need most. It is the missing element for me. I know it is not for everyone, but it seems that those of us who ‘struggle’ with weight, have to address this area before we will ever achieve our ultimate goal(s). I have actually been at my ideal weight much more often than not in my past, but I yoyo up and down because I have NOT addressed the underlying thoughts/beliefs/feelings etc. that make me think I am not good enough or do not deserve to easily maintain that level of fitness/health/appearance continuously. See what I mean?

Go out and have an incredible day. Look for the little miracles that are happening all around you.

Because YOU Deserve To THRIVE!


You are the Center of Your U-niverse.

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