Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge (Input Please)

Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge

Looking for some feedback on a new blog series I am beginning to write this week.

As you may have figured out by now, if you have read anything I have written before, I write about what I (personally) need too. Ok, what I need the most!

I am in a massive life-change mode right now. Recently (well, not so recently, but no need to rush these things) divorced, selling the commercial building that has been home to my Italian Food Manufacturing business for 22 years, selling my home of 17 years…GETTING to decide what I want to do/be/have NOW.

Here is my BRAINSTORMED LIST of topics.

Please share your thoughts about the topics, order to share them in, whatever you would like to tell me. I am also open to any advice or wisdom you care to impart on any of the above mentioned transitions!!!

Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge

1. Change…inevitable, so embrace or resist.
2. Choice…is ALWAYS yours!
3. Directions…up/down, high/low, east/west/north/south.
4. Possibilities…infinite!
5. Love to do…passion.
6. Want to do…desire.
7. Easily do…flow, lose sense of time.
8. Opportunities…everywhere, all the time (do you see?).
9. Good at…people come to you for/talent/natural.
10. Discovery…You are your greatest experiment.
11. Making a living, making a life…
12. Contribution…legacy, who to, what, why, how, how much, when?
13. Give what you want to receive…
14. How does ‘it’ make you feel?
15. Why? Motivation. Action/Results.
16. Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?
17. Plan, Do, Check, Act…
18. Lifelong learning & Continuous Improvement…
19. Freedom & Personal Responsibility…
20. Gratitude, Thankfulness, Appreciation…
21. Personal Vision…WHY are you here living this life?
22. YOUR Plan…putting it all together.
Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!

When I write a series of posts, I like to do one a day and use a ‘structured’ format that I create at the beginning. Is this helpful to you, as a reader, or annoying? Please let me know.

Your DISCOVERING YOU Challenge Friend


Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!


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One thought on “Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge (Input Please)

  1. Life is full of stories .So how may I rediscovered self as you ate.?l have a challenge enable to quell, LTS that lhave funny visions posted on mine website am unable toraisr even thousand dollars to promote a single idea. How can u be of help to implement a project in Ghana to rediscover you within Mr?

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