Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 19: Personal Responsibilty

controlRmorepowertomeDiscovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 19: Personal Responsibility

19. Freedom & Personal Responsibility…

This is one of my favorite topics.

Probably because like most human beings, I need to be reminded of it frequently!

So often, we go through life, making excuses and complaining.

We judge our self and others.
But the truth remains…we are always exactly where we are supposed to be…based on the choices we have made up until now.

Sometimes this is a very hard pill to swallow.

Personally, I am in a chaotic period of change now.

Why is it chaotic?

I have chosen for it to be.

However, everything that has led up to the required changes, has been the result of choices and decisions I have made (or did not make)!


This reality may sting a little.

The flip side of it (and there is always a flip side because we live in a dual universe) is that I have the power to change things.
Anything and everything in my life experience is up to me.

Yet another universal truth that is often a bit hard to understand (or believe).

Like all universal truths (laws), it does not require me to believe (or understand or even know about it) for it to be true.

Universal laws and universal truths work all the time, on everyone, equally.

All human beings are impacted by Universal Laws.

• It does not matter who you (think you) are…

• It does not matter the color of your skin…

• It does not matter how educated you are…

• It does not matter how much money you have…

• It does not matter what you do for a living or where you work…

• It does not matter where you live or where you were born…

• It does not matter what you believe (religion, politics, etc.)…

• You get the idea…it just does not matter

If you are a human being, and chances are, if you are reading this…YOU ARE SUBJECT TO these laws!

You Are U.

You Are U.

Quick list of Universal Laws:

• Attraction

• Prosperity

• Consciousness

• Expansion

• Reflection

• Cause & Effect

While we are at it, we may as well be reminded of the Natural Laws.

These impact us too (whether we like it or not) , so it is wise to put them to work in our favor.


Think About What You Wish To Attract

Natural Laws:

• Perpetual Transmutation

• Relativity

• Vibration & Attraction

• Polarity

• Rhythm

• Cause & Effect

• Gender

reflect on it...

Think in stress-free ways…

Freedom is our ability to be/do/have whatever we want.

Freedom is choice.

Freedom is choice WITH responsibility.

We all have a right to choose whatever we want.

What I choose is up to me and no one else.

My choices, however, DO create results.

Those results and consequences ARE also mine…my responsibility to own and learn from.

Choices that get the results I want may be deemed successes.

I like being responsible for them.

Decisions I make that do not work out so well…those are a bit harder to take personal responsibility for.
The thing is…I ALWAYS KNOW.

• I can pretend to not take responsibility for my actions, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs…

• I can make an excuse…

• I can fib (ok, lie)…

• I can pretend ‘it’ did not happen…

• I can deny that I did/said/acted some way…

• I can blame someone or something else…

• I can claim I did not know…

• I may site ‘temporary’ insanity…

• I can (pretend) I did not mean it…

• I can say it was an accident…

• I can ignore it…

But…the truth is…I always KNOW.


Know the truth…

We may be able to hide things from other people, but we can not really hide them from ourselves.

If you ‘stuff’ something down…it will pop up eventually.

This is where stress, pain and illness come from.

Don’t believe me, do some research!

Human beings are meant to live in alignment with who they really are, inside.

Each time we make a choice that does not match up with this…it impacts us.

There is no hiding from your self.

Where ever I go, there I am!

If where I am, feels a bit scary.

I choose to turn the fear into anticipation and excitement for what the future CAN hold.

If where I am, feels a bit unsettling.

I choose to create ‘pockets’ of control by planning one step at a time.

If where I am, feels a bit overwhelming and chaotic.

I choose to create habits and routines that show me how much progress I am making toward my goals.

Where I am is NOT my final destination.

I remind myself of this often.


1. If you do not know already, look up and write a brief description of each of the Universal Laws.

2. If you do not know already, look up and write a brief description of each of the Natural Laws.

3. Think about how these laws have been impacting your life (so far)…just do a very quick review of your past.

4. Take a few minutes today to think about (and jot down on a piece of paper) how you can USE each of these laws in your favor.

5. Pick one thing and do it now. Not just today. RIGHT NOW.

6. Make a brief review of a recent choice you made.

What was the outcome?

Did you take responsibility for it?

Why or why not?

What can you discover about you, from this?

7. PLAN one decision or choice you make today.

OWN what you choose AND the consequences of this CONSCIOUSLY.

How does this make you feel?

Make today count.

You are building your life, one choice at a time.

Own your experiences!

Your experiences ARE your life.

It is all about the journey!

Project You

You Are THE Project

Discovering YOU is the most important thing you can do right now.
Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!


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