Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 18: LL & CI

beyoupicDiscovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 18 LL & CI

18. Lifelong learning & Continuous Improvement…

What did you learn yesterday?

How about the day before that?

What is the last thing you read?

How often do you read?

When was the last seminar, course or lecture you attended?

Yes, church counts if you got something out of it.

Anything Is Possible

I M Possible

Every single day, every moment actually, is filled with opportunities for us to learn.

Learn more about the world around us.

Learn more about other people and what makes them tick.

Learn more about ourselves and what makes us do the things we do.

Every day we have a choice.

We can keep doing what we have always done, or we can be open to the infinite possibilities that exist all around us.
The world is a vast and amazing place.

We only experience a miniscule amount of it during our life time.

Some humans much more than others, but all of us, just a very little bit.

Maybe that is by design.

Perhaps we are not yet equipped with the capacity to understand and experience more.

How does my rambling, relate to DISCOVERING YOU and lifelong learning?

What is continuous improvement and why do I care?

Both good questions…
Obviously I believe in lifelong learning.

What do you think?

• Do you believe you know most of what you need to already?

• Do you feel like there just isn’t much more for you to discover?

• Are you curious?

• Do you wonder how things work?

• Do you want to know what makes folks do the things they do?

• Are you open to discovering different things?

• Do you wish to understand others’ perspectives?

I like to believe that we are all a WORK-IN-PROGRESS.

You Thrive

You are all you need.

We are all changing and growing and developing continuously.

We can not stop it.

Perhaps that is why so many people get divorced.

Who we are when we choose a partner, is not who we stay.

We each continue to change and grow.

If two people grow together, they can stay together.

If they grow apart, they will often end up apart.

(Again, my own personal theory. I take this from personal experience. I love the man I was married to, but I do not choose to live with him anymore. We both grew in very different directions during our 25+ year relationship.)


What’s the reason?

Everything in life happens for a reason.

Everything has the potential to show us something about ourselves.

Every experience can make us better or bitter…

Each situation can be seen as good or bad…only YOU decide.

Some of the worst things that ever happen to us, end up being just the thing that sends us in the direction our life was always meant to be headed.

Who has not had a ‘bad’ break-up?

Who has not lost a job?

Who has not been ill?

Who has not been in an accident?

Who has not failed at something?

Success is Yours

The only way to fail is to quit.

We really do learn much more from our failures (disappointments) than we do from our successes.

Think about that for a minute.

Is it true for you?

It is for me.

When something does not go as planned (say I get let go from a job), I PAUSE and REFLECT and LEARN from what happened.

I review what I did right, what I think I could have done better, and what I will do next time.

When I succeed, I do not party (guess I am too old for that), but I tend to celebrate for a short while (smile and feel happy) then just move onto the next thing.

I do not contemplate what made the situation work out as planned, therefore, I am less likely to consider the lessons learned.

This might just be me, but I doubt it.
Continuous improvement is a choice.

This world does not stand still for anyone or anything.

Everything is always moving and changing.

As much as we may want things to stay the same, that is not really an option.

Choose Well

Choose to Thrive!

We can choose to make things better or worse.

Deciding to live life, in an upward spiral or a downward spiral, is entirely up to us.

Success/goal path

Succuss Path

Life tends to be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

The goal is to make it to the end of the ride having enjoyed it more than we were afraid of the twists and turns.

Learning, growing, and continually striving to be a better human being is (to me) what life is all about.

Showing up every day and being me, experiencing life as only I can, IS why I am here.

create your life

Create YOUR Life!


1. What did you learn today?

Name at least one thing.

If you can not, why?

What could you learn tomorrow?

2. Name one thing about you that you love.

Is it possible to improve this in any way?

If so, take one step to continuously be a better you in this area?

3. Consider one thing, about you, that you would like to be different.

What is one thing you can do to change or improve this thing?

Note: Perhaps it is just changing the way you look at it?

That counts as one thing.

4. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the MOST possible), rate yourself on the following:

• I love learning.
• I am curious.
• I look for new ways of doing things.
• I am creative.
• I see the lesson in situations.
• I am positive.
• I find better ways to accomplish tasks.
• I am flexible.
• I know there is always another possibility.
• I am continuously improving.
• My life is in an upward spiral.

Now tally your score.

85+ You are learning and growing through your life experiences.

60-84 You are doing well, but might consider adding a few more lessons learned to your experiences.

40-59 You are in about the middle of the pack…ask yourself some more questions. How happy are you? Could finding some more ways to experience life more positively impact your experiences?

20-39 Your experiences are apparently getting the best of you…find a way every day to begin turning this around. Look for one new thing a day.

0-19 You are letting your life spiral out of control…your control. Take back your power immediately and choose to change things for YOU.

Choose Change

You Change WHEN You Choose…

Every moment of our life, we get to choose what direction we are going.

The more we choose happy, positive, personally empowering thoughts, the more satisfied we tend to be about our life.

Go ahead, choose YOU.

Discover what makes you happy.

Find out what makes you, YOU.

Be YOU Now.

What are you waiting for?

Project You

You Are THE Project

Discovering YOU is the most important thing you can do right now.
Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!

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You Are It!

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