Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 16: WWWWWH?



Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 16: WWWWWH?

16. Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

If you are old enough to remember this…back in the days when reporting and journalism were neutral observations, you may be familiar with these concepts/questions.

These were the cornerstone of good reporting and a well written news story.


Accept You

As the editor of my high school newspaper, these were hammered into my brain and practiced repeatedly.

I am not sure when this all changed, but the recent presidential election, clearly demonstrates that the media IS NOT REPORTING real news anymore. They are propaganda and ‘personal agenda’ transmitting services.

I like to believe I understand this principle of impartial reporting and news, but the world around me certainly does not ‘show’ me this.

Lack, scarcity, competition, negativity…bombards us constantly.

Don’t believe me?

Turn on the news.

Listen to your radio.

Browse the internet for a couple of minutes.
Is the information shared mostly positive or negative?

Tip: If you want to live a happy life, control the amount of time you spend listening to others’ opinions.

This includes the media.

Especially the media!

Yes, that includes social media.

When I was young, I was very interested in journalism. I was drawn to the impartial, factual nature.

Not anymore.

Personally, I have not watched the news for over 20 years (with the exception of 9-11 and the recent election.

I got sucked in both times, as the drama unfolded.

So they may not apply to journalism and news reporting anymore, but how can asking these questions give you a glimpse into Discovering You?

Let’s do a little exercise.


Something Wonderful For YOU



Ask YOU these questions.

Consider the answers.

Attempt to be as impartial and unemotional as possible.

Objective, not subjective.

For the purpose of this part of the exercise, we will pretty much ignore the past.

Unless, it is pertinent to the story .


Who am I right now?

Who do I want to be?


What am I doing right now?

What do I want to be doing?


Where am I now?

Where do I want to be?


When is it (now)?

When do I want it to be (happening)?


Why is it (my life/me) the way I am now?

Why do I want it to be?


How did it happen (my life, so far)?

How do I want it to happen in the future?


Write a THRIVING Story!


Write a story (paragraph or two) using the answers to your questions about your life right now.


Write a story (paragraph or two) using the answers to your questions about your life AS YOU WANT IT TO BE IN THE FUTURE.

Use this exercise to create the life you want.

It does NOT have to be based in any sort of reality.

This is your chance to DREAM BIG, knowing ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

No one has to see it, but you.

This exercise, this entire challenge is all about YOU.

It is none of anyone else’s business.


Compare YOUR stories.

How different is the life you are living, right now, from the life you dream of living?

Busy People Weight Loss

Busy People Take Action To Achieve Weight Loss Goals…


What is one thing you can do immediately to move you toward your perfect life?

Do that one thing.


Now would be better.

Do not let yourself go to bed tonight, until you have done one thing to move you toward the life you desire and

Bonus Step:

If you want to, create a story/paragraph or two based on the answers to these questions from you past.

Pick a time in you past and just answer the questions for who you were then.

This is a fun exercise because it shows you how far you have come!
WWWWWH Example:

Here is a table to summarize the answers and making writing my story easier. I just picked three times in my
life to illustrate the power of this exercise for discovering more about me (you).

I purposely chose the ‘present’ to be 2003, for illustrative purposes. That is why I did a ‘past’ too.

Question Past Present Future

Who? Student Wife/Mom Divorced Woman

What? Studying/Graduated Surviving/Corp Am Thriving/Own Biz

Where? Various Wisconsin Various

When? 1985 2003 2017

Why? What successful folks do. What grown-ups do. What I want to do and love doing.

How? Follow the ‘rules’ Question rules. Make own rules.

Now, turn each of these into a news story (objective) paragraph.

The ‘who’ is really YOU (your name) in each scenario.


Sharon Horne, from Hudson, Wisconsin graduated from the University of Minnesota this week with honors. Ms. Horne has attended several institutions of higher learning. She earned a multiple Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering/Marketing/Management. She is joining Proctor & Gamble’s Fox River Plant Management Team in Green Bay, Wisconsin this November.


Sharon Horne-Ellstrom was named Vice President of Quality and Sanitation for ABC Products in Minneapolis, Minnesota today. Ms. Horne-Ellstrom has held several corporate management positions throughout her career. “I love processes and Quality,” says Horne-Ellstrom. “I get to stick my nose in everyone’s business and continually look for better ways of doing things.”


Sharon Horne of Hudson, Wisconsin, announced the sale of Dabruzzi’s Italian Foods to BBB Food Systems , Inc. today. “After nearly 30 years in the business, it was time to turn the production of the world’s best hand-made Italian foods over to someone else,” Horne told reporters today.

Following a divorce and car accident that permanently injured her son, Horne needed to find a new exit strategy for the thriving food business. Several organizations vied for the business, but BBB came in with the winning proposal.

“Dabruzzi’s products just could not die,” said Horne. Following the sale of Dabruzzi’s manufacturing facility, Horne knew the products must continue to be produced. “I got calls from customers every single day,” she said. “People were really missing our hand-made ravioli.”

Horne will facilitate the transition to BBB, then, pursue other projects. She recently published three books, including “Flipbook, Your Secret Weapon in a World Gone Wild” which just topped the Amazon and New York Times Best Seller Lists.

She also won the Powerball Lottery Jackpot and can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants with whomever she wants from now on.

YOU get the idea.

Objective about the past and present, with a little fantasy thrown into the future…

Project You

You Are THE Project

Discovering YOU is the most important thing you can do right now.
Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!

Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wile

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You Are It!

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