Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 13: GIVE to Get.

Give Love

I Am A Love Giver

Discovering YOU 21 Day Challenge-Day 13: Give

13. Give what you want to receive…

Give to Get.

Give to others, what you want to have more of in your life.

Do unto others…

What does giving mean to you?

To me, it means sharing.

Sharing what you can.

Sharing who you are.

Sharing YOU with the world, anyway you choose.
Perhaps you are a great singer. Share your voice.

Maybe you are a terrific cook. Cook for others.

Problem solving might be second nature to you. Help someone solve a problem.

Often, people believe they have nothing to give.

Poppy cock!

Everyone has a multitude of things they can give (share) with others, right now!

These gifts, might be dormant inside of you, but they are there.

Let them out and make the world a better place.

Take a quick inventory of what you have to give.
Money, although this is generally the first thing (and the only thing many folks think about) is just one possibility.

Time, which we all have the same exact amount of each day, is probably the greatest thing we have to give.

Determining how we spend our time should be just as important a decision (if not more) as how we spend our money.

Devoting time to something or someone is often priceless.

How much would you pay for another 15 minutes with someone you love who has passed away?

The truth is, no one dies wishing they would have spent more time at work.
I used to be a work-a-holic. Really bad. It always felt like I was running through my life…and what for? Chasing money…trading my time for money. Thinking I ‘had to’ do things. Looking back, at all the things I missed when my children were growing up, it seems so foolish now.

There is a Universal Law about this idea of giving (what you also want to receive).
The Law of Reciprocity (Karma).

Personally, I love karma.

The thing about Universal Laws (that I love) is that it doesn’t matter if YOU (or anyone else) believes them or not.

They apply equally to everyone (and everything).

You can do some research on this topic if you want some more history or background. I just did this, but got annoyed at how much of the information is twisted to manipulate vs. actually give to others.
Giving what you want to receive (like karma) works in both positive and negative ways.

If I give out negative things, I will get negative things back.

If I share positive things, I will receive positive things back.
Giving, with NO EXPECTATION of return (from the person I give to) is key.

Reciprocity may imply, giving in order to receive…not the same thing.

Giving from the heart.

We all know people who appear so kind hearted on the outside, but are miserable and judgmental of everyone and everything, because they are doing for others, with the expectation of being ‘paid back’.
I contend that this is not giving, it is investing.

When we invest in something or someone, we expect a return on our investment.

Note that working, is not giving…it is trading your time for money. This is not giving, it too, is investing.

If I loan my cousin money, I expect to be paid back someday.

If I give my daughter a monetary gift, I do it out of love, with no expectation of ever being paid back.
We invest from our mind and ego.

Our ego says, if I do this for you, you should do something of equal or greater value for me.

Our heart says, I will do this for you, out of kindness. I do not expect anything in return.

Receiving can come from anywhere…but almost never comes from where we gave (or who we gave something to).

There is also a ‘time-delay’ between giving and receiving.


What is it that you want to receive?

• Money?

• Love?

• Energy?

• Time?

• Physical things?

• Emotional things?

• Spiritual things?

What is the last thing you have given (to anyone)?

When was this?

How did it make you feel?

Make a quick list of what you have to offer (right now).

Write at least 10 things off the top of your head.
For example:

1. Money (even a little bit might make a real difference to another person).

2. Time to spend with another. (Read a book, go for a walk, telephone someone). We all can share our attention.

3. Clothes – got anything extra in your closet (or on the floor perhaps)?

4. Food- what is extra in your cupboard or pantry? Can you pick up an extra ‘something’ at the store and leave it on the food shelf?

5. Advice/coaching/counseling-sometimes folks just need someone to listen to them.

6. Physical Stuff-look around your home. What do you have that you do not use or need, that could really benefit others?

7. Love-start with YOURSELF…then others.

8. Smiles-Has someone ever smiled at you and it changed your entire day? Give that gift to another today.

9. Acknowledgment-Looking people in the eye and acknowledging that they exist and are important, simply because they are here.

10. Talents/Skills/Knowledge-Give what you are good at. How can what you are good at, help others in need?
Today, GIVE one of the things on your list, to another.

It can be as simple as smiling at 3 people as you go about your day.

Just GIVE/SHARE something to/with someone.

Note how it makes you feel.

Are you smiling yet?

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