Choose Who Surrounds You

People Who Thrive

Find People Who Make You THRIVE!

Choose to surround yourself with people who give you exactly what you need.
Now, one could argue that you are already doing this. Probably at a very
unconscious level.
But, ask yourself…what are the people around me, here to show me?
If you do not like the answer, it may be time to look in the mirror.
Hard realization: People are a reflection of what you are thinking and attracting.
If someone is giving you a hard time, why have YOU called them into your life?
What lesson are you needing to learn?
Learn it FAST, so you can move on…
Or the difficult person will leave your life.
This is a pretty advanced concept. We all know it or feel it
at some level, but until we really look at it and figure out what is
going on, difficult people, difficult situations, and challenges will
keep magically appearing in our lives.
This explains the woman who marries the exact same type of abusive man three times in a row.
The young man who keeps pursuing women that most men would avoid like the plague.
Why we keep making the same mistakes and same bad choices over and over again…even though we know better.
How many people do you know that still smoke?
Pretty sure, science and medicine have shown clearly that smoking is bad for human beings.
Yet, millions of people still smoke…and surround themselves with other smokers.
So, take a little survey of the 5 most influential people in your life right now.
Notice, I did not say positive…
Who are the 5 other people who are currently impacting your life (your behavior, your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, etc.) the most, RIGHT NOW?
Do you like the results you are getting?
If not, what is one thing YOU can change immediately?
Write it down.
Go do it. Do it NOW.
Because YOU are so worth it.
You deserve to thrive and live each day as best you can.
Are you willing to share what you think with the rest of us?
If so, please comment below.
We learn so much from one another…

Because, after all, we are all connected.
We are all ONE.
Iam Theone


Be Yourself

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