Biggest Stress Mistake EVER!

stresssignsThe Biggest Mistake I Made With Stress!

One evening, I just dropped dead…

As a business owner, it was very easy for me to ignore the signs and symptoms of stress in my life.

After all, I was a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a real estate broker, an Italian Food Manufacturing business owner, and aspiring on-line business wannabe…I was BUSY.

• Too busy to pay attention to what my mind and body were trying to tell me…

• Too busy to take care of myself…

• Too busy taking (half-ass, let’s be honest) care of everyone and everything else…

• Too busy to put my health and wellness above the next thing on my to-do list…

• Too busy running through my life to have a clue what stress was actually doing to me…

‘So, how’s that working out for you?’ one of the Cardiologists asked me, when I woke up from a week-long coma, in which medical experts ‘chilled my blood’ and recirculated it through me to prevent brain and organ damage…

While my friends and family waited to see if I would wake up, would have brain damage, would be ok.

Well…I was ok…but forever and immediately changed.

The statistics for sudden cardiac arrest are grim. Only about 7% of folks who have a sudden cardiac arrest, survive in the first place. Of those, only about 6%, come out of it without brain damage…and a huge percentage of those folks suffer another heart incident and DIE within 6 years.


Why Yes, I am a bit stressed.


I was determined that I would not be one of those poor souls.

I have a lot of things to do and accomplish.

I am an entrepreneur…and we always have a gazillion ways we want to impact the world!

So, I went on a little journey to discover how to deal with stress, particularly business stress.

What I found was amazing.

Much of it was ridiculous…and not for me.

Some of it was marvelous…and almost magical…for me!

All of it, the entire journey, taught me something.

reflect on it...

Think in stress-free ways…

One of the first and most important things I un-covered, was the importance of listening to my body.

Our body is an incredible ‘consciousness facilitator’. By that, I mean, our body is always giving us signals about how we are thinking and feeling.

For example, if I am feeling stress over a business decision, I actually feel the tension in my ‘gut’. If I ignore it, I will feel tension in my left shoulder blade. If that does not get my attention, I will feel strain in my neck…then my right eyelid will get that ‘pulsing’ sensation in it…

My body, goes through the same ritual or series of events, whenever I am under pressure (stress).

It has done this my entire life!

I just wasn’t listening.

So, try this.


As soon as you notice you are feeling stress, STOP.

What do you notice that is going on in your body.

It will take some practice, but you will get better and better at tracing your own ‘stress ritual’.

Don’t be like me…wait until you are dead, to do something about stress.

Stress free word on wooden table

Stress free word on wooden table

Stress is NOT inevitable!

That is why I created Stress Buster Bootcamp!

I want other stressed out business women and female entrepreneurs to end the stress struggle once and for all!

That begins with NOT ignoring the signs of stress in your business (or your life)…

Bust Stress

Kill Stress Before It Kills YOU!

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Your Stress-Busting-Friend,