My Mindset Thrive Challenge 48: Infinite Possibility.


You Are It!

My Mindset Thrive Challenge 48: Infinite Possibility.

Infinite Possibilities?
What does it mean to you?

According to the dictionary (Encarta Dictionary: English (North America)) says infinite means:
1. God (the Divine, the Universe)
2. not measurable
3. exceedingly great (very great in size, number, degree or extent
4. unlimited spatial extent
5. with indefinitely many elements
6. supporting one-to-one relationship
7. something that is infinite (like space)

Thesaurus synonyms: immeasurable, endless, countless, unlimited, inestimable, vast, unbounded, boundless, interminable, limitless, never-ending (extreme=stupendous, great, immense, large,huge, tremendous, vast, very great, many…)
Possibility is:
1. Something that is possible (not too helpful, right?)
2. State of being possible (also not very meaningful)
3. Contender-somebody who is considered a possible winner, choice, candidate
4. Potential-the potential for successful future development

Thesaurus synonyms: option, likelihood, opportunity, leeway, prospect, risk, chance, probability, odds…

Impossible Journey

Start You Journey NOW

Theoretically we are attracted to the idea of infinite possibility…that anything can happen.


That we do have unlimited choices available to us…

SO, why do we so often paint ourselves into a corner and believe that there is NO WAY OUT?

That we do not have control over our lives? That we MUST do certain things???


I M Possible. Infinite Possibilites…

I decided that infinite possibility deserved a closer look.

Why do I (we) not want to believe that infinite possibility applies to me? To my life?

We see and hear about miraculous success stories and overnight phenomenon often.

I read a lot of that sort of stuff. I love and seek out success stories. I love a good miracle.

Sometimes I just do not BELIEVE (there is that believe word again) that there is one for me.


Miracle to YOU.

Now, given my history…that is RIDICULOUS.
I AM here, writing this…and according to all the statistics and medical information, I should not be.
That IS a miracle and I need to recognize it!


It WILL Happen!

Why do we think other people are blessed with multiple choices and opportunities, but we are not?

1. Because it is SCARY. Change/options create fear…mostly fear of the unknown.

2. There are too many choices and confusion (a confused mind says NO). Too many options, leads to indecision and freezes us in place. Have you been to the supermarket lately? Just try to pick out a frozen pizza!

3. It is difficult to admit we are our own biggest obstacle/excuse.

4. We want to believe we are like everyone else—normal.

5. We buy into the ‘struggle/lack/difficult/hard’ life mentality…

6. It is easier to ‘blame’ than to choose (do)

7. …

This is just off the top of my head…imagine if I actually gave it some serious thought.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

They do me…obviously, since I just came up with the list.

What to do about this resistance to Lots Of Choices?

Walk Away

Walk Away From Anything That Does Not Make You Happy And THRIVE!

When faced with a choice or dilemma, try brainstorming all sorts of possibilities and options.

Then narrow that list down, based on your desired selection criteria.

Let’s try this on a current situation I am faced with:

Since my divorce, I need to divest myself of several assets, including our family home. It is way too big and the lawn is more than I want to tackle on my own, these days. Life is too short to spend hours on the lawn mower every week.

So I need a new place to live.

I like to tell myself I am stuck.

I like to think there are only a very few solutions to my living situation dilemma.

I am an expert at making up excuses as to WHY there is no place for me to go, so I must stay right where I am.

The truth is…I am comfortable. (Ok, this is a pattern for me…NOT moving or deciding or choosing when I KNOW it is in my best interests to make a change.)

It is easier for me to stay where I am (and complain about all the work I have to do to move) than actually decide amongst all the possibilities.

Level Up...Thrive.

You Choose A New Level For YOU.

Perhaps a strategy for getting a handle on the infinite possibilities.

First: Create a statement of the desired outcome.

I live in an environment that is perfect for me and in my best interest…I need a new home/place to live.

Second: Ask some clarifying questions.

1. List what I MUST have in _______________ (my new home).
2. List what I would like to have in ________________ (whatever your question is).
3. List what I MUST NOT have in _______________.
4. List what I do not want in _____________________.
5. Write down some of your decision impacting parameters:

For example: Budget (What can you afford? What do you want to spend?)

Location(s) will consider – list and prioritize (Limiting criteria…Up until my grand daughter was born, I was open to moving away from where I currently live…now I want to stay in the area.)

Environment–country, city, close to ___________, etc.

What do I have to do to make a change?

What can I get others to help me do to make the change happen (once I select it)?

Choose Well

Choose to Thrive!

Asking questions allows us to actually LOOK at the possibilities that are open to us.

They give us a framework to analyze and identify what we want.

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to understanding infinite possibility is knowing how to eliminate the options that are not in our own best interests.

Third: Come up with some selection criteria that allows you to prioritize options.

Fourth: Further investigate and analyze the options to determine what is best for you.

Five: Repeat as necessary…

You Thrive

You are all you need.

I am working on this NOW. I am confident I will have a new address soon.

Hoping your day is full of infinite possibilities to make you happy!


Choose Wisely

Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!
Because YOU Deserve To THRIVE!

Beautiful Reminder

Beautiful Reminder

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Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!