30 Day Stress-Busting Bootcamp Day 20


Breathe Away Stress

30 Day Stress-Busting Bootcamp Day 20

The first thing we will do every day during this Stress-Busting Bootcamp, is pick a random page from my favorite tool (Flip Book) and use that as our guiding thought for the day. Here is today’s random pick from ‘Flip Book, Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wild”.

Today’s Selection:

I control all that happens to me.”
(page 258)

What does this phrase mean to you?

What could it mean for you?

Jot down what comes to mind immediately.

Perhaps write it on a piece of paper and carry it with you throughout your day. Then as thoughts occur to you, capture them, by writing them down. I do this when I do not have my personal flip book handy. You see, I am always working on a new flip book of my own.

If nothing comes to mind, that is ok too. Just BE with it. Not everything means anything to all of us.

For example: Here are the first things that popped into my mind when I read this today.


Happy Healthy Life For YOU

• What does PLAY, look like to me?

• How do I play? When do I play? Who do I play with or do I prefer to play alone?

• How often do I let myself play and be in control of things?

• What if you make time to take care of you? What if you do not?

• I decide what play looks like to me. What I consider play, someone else might call work.

• Play makes you feel lighter. You might be sweating, but you feel good about it.


Choose Wisely

• Knowing that I control all that happens to me might feel a bit scary, but the alternative is even more frightening.

• Believing that others control what happens to me is giving away my power.

• Taking responsibility for what happens to me and controlling it is freedom.

• Even though I may not think I have control of what happens around me, I do have control over how I respond to everything.

• It is always up to me to decide what everything means (to me).

Choose Well

Choose to Thrive!

• It is up to me to make time for play (me).

• No one else is in charge of my play (happiness) and no one else can do it for me. Some parents think they can live vicariously through their children, but it is not possible. Only YOU can experience anything for you.

• If you had all the time and money in the world to do what you want, how would you play?

• To me play means relax, rejuvenate, recharge my batteries, increase my energy in a fun way…

• What if you can make your work (way of making a living), you play too? How might you do this? How much more fun and rewarding (less stressful) would your life be?

• Excuses, putting everyone else first, being super busy…are all symptoms of not putting yourself first (or at least at the top of your priority list). This leads to stress (and can lead to all sorts of other problems, illness and death.)

Level Up...Thrive.

You Choose A New Level For YOU.

• Procrastination is an excuse. (Ouch…I do this one a lot)

• Frequently saying NO to fun and play because ________________ ( you fill in the blank—I can’t afford it, I am too busy, I am too tired)…is an excuse and way of telling the Universe you do not think you are worthy of play, fun, etc.

• When I am choosing PLAY, I am in control. I am deciding to make myself experience good feeling things.

• We are all born worthy of whatever we want…including play. It is up to me to choose to know I am worthy and good enough. This is the point of personal control, power and creation.

• Everything I need, want and desire is already within me…it is up to me to let it out.

• I choose everything. I control everything. I create (at least co-create) all my life experiences. This is a big one for folks to believe. Most people never really get this. Once you do, however, you are unstoppable.

Thrive Now

Choose To THRIVE

That’s it.

Write down, note what happens to you. What happens for you. How you feel.

The next thing we will do every day during this Stress-Busting Bootcamp, is DO something for the day.

Today’s Exercise:

Take action…even a tiny step in the right direction means progress…and progress in the right direction, means less stress!

Happy Path

Happiness IS The Path

Your Play List

To relieve stress in our daily life, it is helpful to have Your Own Play List.

Think of it as a Quick Reference Guide to what makes you feel better…less stress…good.

1. Make a list of all the things you like to do. These things are YOUR Play List.

Write down at least 20 things you like to do for play, fun, relaxation, enjoyment…to make you feel good.

It does not matter how often you have done them in the past. It does not even matter if you have never done them.

Write it down if you think you would like to do it. (I have never been skydiving, but it is on my Play List because it is something I have always wanted to do.)

Remember, this is YOUR list. Look inside you and put down what you want, not what anyone else might think you should do to play.

For example: Your significant other might like to go to music concerts and think this is play, fun and relaxing. You, on the other hand, find it uncomfortable for some reason (too loud, too many people, whatever). So going to music concerts may be on his/her play list, but not on yours. Everything of your play list should make YOU feel lighter.

2. Put your list somewhere you can easily refer to it. (I keep mine on the refrigerator. That way, everyone who comes to my house, knows how to make me happy!)

3. Add to it as you think of more play things. This can be an ever changing, ever expanding reference tool for you. What we consider play, like us, changes all the time.

For example: I used to have tennis on my play list. I had some issues with my vision that make playing tennis impossible for me (well very embarrassing and frustrating, which means it does not make me feel lighter). So, off my Play List went tennis. I replaced it with “Walks In Nature”.

How long did it take you to come up with 20 things? If you have not got 20 things yet, keep going. You want a good list to pick from so you do not have any excuse for not playing.

4. Pick ONE thing on your list and commit to doing it today. NOW if possible.

Schedule it if you must.

Even if you only do it for 5 minutes today, do one thing on your play list.

For me, meditation is on my play list. I have a very loose definition of meditation, so I can do it anytime, anywhere.

Have at least one thing on your list that you can do anytime, anywhere.

This eliminates resistance and excuses for not playing. Most folks do not think they are worthy, so they will not prioritize play time (or themselves).

Every human being has 5 minutes.

Get up early or go to bed later if you have to.

How does this one small change impact your level of stress?

5. Commit to doing this every day for the next 7 days.
mentallystrong 12 list of do nots

Bonus: Change all the DON’Ts in the picture to DOs…restate each as a positive…I embrace my alone time.

Be prepared to be challenged.
DO the ‘exercises’.
The more you do, the more you grow…the faster YOU master your life’s stress.

Your Stress-Busting Bootcamp Friend


Be Loving. Love Being. Be YOU!


Your Secret Weapon In A World Gone Wile

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