30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Welcome

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

As I began thinking about the structure of this 30 day challenge, my first thought was to do a cycle of focus on each day of Physical, Mental/Thoughts, Spirit (Soul)…but no.

Chronic pain is all encompassing and requires a holistic approach.

All too often, those in chronic pain are treated by a variety of different specialists ‘in a vacuum.’

Does this sound familiar?

You experience an excruciating pain…
After putting up with it for a few weeks (lots of us just suck-it-up and keep going longer than we should)…
you finally call the clinic to make an appointment.

You see the dr…
Tell her your story (history, symptoms, questions…all in less than 15 minutes)
get some tests…
and go home.

Tomorrow (or the next day),
someone from the clinic calls you to let you know that several of your tests are not normal.
You can barely walk and are having trouble making it to the bathroom.

The dr. says you need to see Dr A, who is a specialist in one area your tests are out of whack in.

She says your x-rays show a problem, so you will need to see Dr. B, another (different) specialist…

But, Dr. B, who you know in your gut you really need to see is booked 3 months out.
120 days.
You can’t get to the bathroom…
This is not going to work.

You check around (because you have the internet and are freakin’ out) for alternatives.

You go to Dr. A for symptom 1.
Then you see Dr C. for symptom 2, because symptom 1 is really not his/her area of study.
Each order a bunch of tests (some overlapping…
super annoying…
especially when it is something uncomfortable or invasive–like an enema-related or biopsy-type procedure!
But, you go along, because they are the ‘experts’…
and you just want the pain to STOP.

A couple of days later, you go back and get the results.
Nothing shows up and they don’t have any answers for you…
but, they will prescribe something…
(often expensive and not covered by insurance, assuming you have insurance).

In the meantime, symptom 3 rears it’s ugly head and has you into Emergency.
More tests…but they send you home after some interventions and instructions to see your Dr.

Dr D get’s you in right away since you were in Emergency and does some tests.
Realizes you need someone with more of a specialty than she has and refers you to Dr. E…
after getting you on a couple of prescriptions…
One that is $260 a teeny tiny bottle and not covered by insurance.
Yeah, golden eye drops!

Fast forward hundreds of dr appointments, tests, procedures, prescriptions…
Years of chronic pain…

Few or no real “root-cause’ for your health challenges…

Little or no relief from the pain…


This is just a tiny portion of my most recent story.

And I know I am one of the lucky ones.

I took back my life 35 years ago.

And I feel driven to do this 30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge to encourage more people to do the same!

P.S.  And that is just the medical aspect of dealing with chronic pain…

just the tip of the iceberg!!!

Dont Wait

Your Time To ACT Is Now

Let’s get started!

What’s the plan for the next 30 days?

I am going to lay out a proposed structure for each day.

I am doing this more for me (I have learned I need structure and routine…to get things done).

If you like certain parts of the challenge more than others, you will be able to jump to them…

Predictable framework…

Varied content.

FB Live Bear CP Challenge

What’s Up Today?


I will do a Facebook Live on the PainKillerz page for each day.

Here is the link, in case you don’t have it:  https://www.facebook.com/chronicpainkillerz/

I will (attempt) to touch on some of the things covered in the ‘challenge’…

but I can assure you I will forget stuff and not mention it.

Does chronic pain make anyone else a bit ‘forgetful’?




There will be a structured ACTIVITY or CP Challenge for each day.

Tasks will vary with topic.

Tasks will be more or less difficult, depending on you…

Some will be easy physically, but emotionally more of a stretch.
Others will be mindless actions…because sometimes that is all we can do…go through the motions.
Most will fall somewhere in-between.

I ask that you DO each challenge.
I won’t say “TRY” because I dislike that work.

Try gives me an out.
An Excuse.
A reason for NOT doing something.
A reason to fail.
Because if I am going to try…
I will probably fail.

If I say I am going to DO something…
I am committing to myself.
And I will do it.
I don’t lie to myself (much).
And I will not fail to do it.

I may have to ‘try’ different approaches or tactics or strategies,

So as we get started, please commit to yourself.
Commit to YOU that you WILL DO each day of the challenge.

After all…

I commit to do it too.
Hey, I have to come up with it, write about it AND do it…
All you have to do is read about it and do it.

That should be a piece of cake!


Power Thought Cards


My dad passed away a couple of years ago (at Christmas) of brain cancer.
He went pretty fast and was not in any pain.
For that, I am grateful.

During that time, I did not know what to do for my parents.
They are one of those ‘model couples’ who set the example of love for the rest of us.

But, the idea came to me to send them a greeting card everyday, with a ‘motivational card’ from a deck I bought from Hay House.

I love those books and decks I have gotten from them over the years.
I have lost count of how many I have purchased, but it is a lot.
I like to give them as gifts.
It is my way of ‘advising’ my kids, without lecturing.
They tell me I do far too much talking as it is.

The cards are easy to carry around during the day, for a quick reminder and pick-me-up.
(Ok, commercial over!)

It just so happens, that the box of “Power Thought Cards’ by Louise Hay…were on a table by my bed.
As I looked through those remaining…exactly 30…I knew that these should be part of this challenge.

If they could help my parents get through the most difficult challenge/time of their 75 years TOGETHER, they should be a benefit to those of us who experience chronic pain too.



The Day’s Afformation.
We will cover this as an activity on Day 1…
They are THAT Important.

These are like affirmations (most folks know what these are, but just in case…they are statements of what you want to be, phrased in the present tense)…I am ___________.

I don’t recall who I learned this from now.

After my sudden cardiac arrest in 2010…
I spent several years studying and trying to understand WHY…
but WHY I was still here.

I will share more about this story over the course of the Challenge…

Anyway, as part of that, I learned this amazing strategy…
and I still use it today.

I am...

Afformation Cards


Each day we will have a question that we ask ourself.


Find out as the challenge unfolds!




In case the card from the Power Deck does not ‘speak’ to you…
I will include a card from two other Decks each day of the Challenge.IfLifeIsAGameCardsImage

One from If Life’s A Game, Here Are the Rules by Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.

and One from The Nature of Infinite Love & Gratitude by Dr. Darren R, Weissman.

You may be wondering why these two decks…

We’ll see.




What else do you need?

I want to keep this open and flexible to add whatever else comes up.

These are my thoughts as we get started.

Get ready to find out what unfolds.

What ELse?

What Else ???

I guarantee it will be different for each of us.

That’s what makes if so exciting!

Who knows what might happen?

I know, for sure, we will all FEEL Better…


P.P.S.  For everyone who does the entire challenge, and posts to the Facebook group once a day…each day I will tell you what you have to post…I will have a PRIZE.!!!

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