30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Day BONUS

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

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I am having a bit of a difficult time disconnecting.

I have really gained a lot and let go of a lot of pain this past 30 days.

Ending this is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be.

I normally like to keep doing what is working for me.

SO…I would LOVE some feedback!

You can message my private email:  ezhubz@gmail.com  (maybe put PAIN or chronic pain) in the subject line so I spot it.  I do get a ton of emails every single day.)

I would love to know what you liked or did not like.

What you found helpful or a complete waste of time and energy.

Just let me know…

I am working out what I would like to do next around chronic pain.

You see…

I am never really done.

It is a continuous improvement project for me.

I am always on the look out for the next thing that will help me to feel better.


How Easy Is It For You To ASK for Help?

Perhaps I am a Pain Hacker?  I see there are all sorts of hackers popping up all over the place these days.  When did hack…or hacker become a positive?

I imagine in the context of it being a short-cut to what you want.

Makes sense.

I rather be a Pain KILLER than a hacker.

I am not wanting to ‘dabble’ with pain at all.

I wanna KILL it and get it out of my life once and for all!

Now before you flip out and start lecturing me on why KILLING is bad…


I always mean it figuratively, not literally.


Our challenge today is an easy one.

I wanted to do a recap of what we have covered over the last 30 days, but there is a whole lot of info there.  Over 200 things we have touched on…

So, instead, let’s just touch base with our PAIN today.

Let’s use the same scale we used on Day 2…

What is your level of pain, right now?  On a scale of 0-100?

Where is it in your body?  Right now?

I would be very curious to know if it is the same or different than it was on day 2.


Either way, really hone in on it.

Now…send it love and light.

Think about the spot in your body that is currently sending the strongest pain signals to your brain.

Even if you have all-over pain, pick one spot to focus on.

Imagine a warm glowing ball of love and light in your left hand (or right…it is up to you)

Close your eyes or leave them open…whatever works for you.

I used to do this exercise on my walks to the ‘Dike’ when I needed a break from work.  I would practice sending balls of love and light to the people I walked by.  It was fun and they never knew what I was doing.  I did walk with my eyes open!

Now feel the warm, glowing ball of love and light in your hand.

What color is it?

How bright is it?

How big is it?

Enjoy the warmth of it for a bit.

When you are ready, feel yourself sending this warm ball of love and light…
to the place in your body that hurts the most.

Let the light and love ball sink into to the very space between the cells in your body.
Imagine the light going through your skin and bone and deep, deep, deep into the molecules and atoms that make up the painful part of your body.

Feel the light dissolving the pain…subatomic particle by subatomic particle.

I like to imagine a little Pacman (if you remember the game) gobbling up the pain particles.  Sometimes I see little battles between angels and devils (angels are healthy cells of love and light, the devils are the pain particles)…

Use your imagination.

The more vivid, fun, outrageous and senses-filled you make it…

the better it works.

Continue to play out the scene in your mind…as long as feels comfortable to you.

Sometimes I do this for 5 seconds, other times for several minutes.

My intention is to relieve pain in the area that is giving me the most pain, right now.

When you are ready, you can just ease out of the flowing of love/light to that part of your body.

How does it feel?

Repeat for the next most painful part of your body.

This is a cool easy to use strategy that can be used anywhere and anytime you want.

(I did not share this on the video, but it just seemed right to share it here now)…

So…what is your level of pain, right now?


That is today’s challenge.

And…flow some love and light to what hurts!

It really works.


Third: Power Thought Card…Well-Being Cards from Ester & Jerry Hickes

“”Anything I can imagine being, doing, or having—I can be, do, or have.”

“As you ask yourself why you want it, the essence of your desire is activated—and the Universe begins to bring it to you.  (It’s as easy to create a castle as a button.)”


I am Infinite Energy

Fourth: Afformation

I am love (and light).

I am love right now.

Why is it so easy for me to be love right now?


Fifth: If This Is Your Life, Here Are The Rules Card:


“Live in alignment with your values, vision, abilities, and potential.”


Nature Of Infinite Love & Gratitude Card:


“I begin with an optimistic attitude and have faith that however long the journey takes, I can and will make it through.  I am open to unfolding possibilities.”


Sixth: Question?

What is the best (fastest) way for me to get what I want?

Enemy to Friend

Make Your Mind Your Best Friend

Seventh: Today’s Share Challenge

Share the next action you are going to take to continue to KILL your chronic pain.


That’s it for today.

Chronic Pain may be a part of your life, but it does not have to be your life.

See You Tomorrow,

Pain Killer

P.S. Don’t forget to share today!
There is so much we can learn from each other.


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