30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Day 7

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

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Today we will begin with a little true false quiz.

It is really just a way of getting to know which areas of your life you feel most ‘unfairness’ about.

Guess what?

Life Is Not Fair.

No one ever said it was going to be, although lots of people lead us to believe it ‘should’ be.

But, my dad, bless him, taught me this one…and all my sisters.

Life is not fair…and…There is no such thing as can’t.

Two of his favorite sayings.

You know what?

I believe them both.

So, we may as well just give in to the fact that life is NOT Fair.

It is not fair that you have chronic pain.

It is not fair that anyone has to suffer.

No one can argue with that.

No one deserves to have chronic pain!

Here is a quote by Richard Carlson, PH.D., author of “The Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Workbook”.

”  One of the nice things about surrendering to the fact that life isn’t fair is that it keeps us from feeling sorry for ourselves by encouraging us to do the best we can with what we have.  It also keeps us from feeling sorry for others because we are reminded that everyone is dealt a different hand, and everyone has unique strengths and challenges.”

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He created this true/false quiz to help you/us isolate areas we have challenges with the injustices of the world…

Some people are ‘luckier’ than others

It’s human nature to compare one’s lot in life with another person’s

Even people who have suffered great loss or tragedy can be happy

A person’s attitude about the world is his/her greatest asset

Everyone has the power to change his/her attitude about the world

Life is hard for everyone, regardless of circumstances

Even if life isn’t fair, everyone has the same chance to be happy

It’s human nature to always want more than we have

The world’s always picking on me

So true or false on each of the above statements?

Now, of course, for a few questions…

  1.  List 10 things you feel fortunate that life has given you
  2. List 10 things you wish you didn’t have to deal with in your life, but have successfully compensated for.
  3. Write the name of someone who you feel has been unfairly treated by life.  What do you admire about this person?
  4. Write the name of someone who you feel leads an especially ‘charmed’ life.  Would you trade you life for his or hers?  List your reason why or why not.
  5. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?  Why would you change it?

I shared some commentary and examples on today’s video from my life and experiences.


BeYouTiful! You are!

Third: Power Thought Card

“I am beautiful, and everybody loves me.”

“I radiate acceptance, and I am deeply loved by others.  Love surrounds me and protects me.”

Sleep Info


Fourth: Afformation

I am sleeping well and awake refreshed.

I am sleeping well and awake refreshed, right now (these days, every day)

Why is it so easy for me to sleep well and awake refreshed (every morning…)?

Be Kind

Be Kind To Everything That Lives…Yourself TOO.

Fifth: If This Is Your Life, Here Are The Rules Card:


“Do kind things without an agenda.”

Happy Path

Happiness IS The Path

Nature Of Infinite Love & Gratitude Card


“Smiling opens my heart and fills my soul with happiness.  I now give myself permission to smile for the sake of smiling.”


Sixth: Question?

What is this here to show me?


Seventh: Today’s Share Challenge

Today share one way life has treated you unfairly (don’t use chronic pain…we all have and know this one…pick something else) AND one way life has been fair (blessed you or you were lucky) to you.

Share your comment under today’s Facebook Live Video!

That’s it for today.

Chronic Pain may be a part of your life, but it does not have to be your life.

See You Tomorrow,

Pain Killer

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There is so much we can learn from each other.


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