30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Day 26

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

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Change Happens when you say, “I deserve something better: and start to go out and get it!


Today let’s have our challenge be about DESERVABILITY.

Probably should have done this topic and exercise the first couple of days of the challenge…but I did not.

Let’s do it now.

From Louise Hay, although I have been exposed to the idea of “not good enough”, “not worthy”, and don’t deserve (all FALSE BELIEFS, by the way) from lots of sources.

Just happened to come across this exercise this morning and thought it would be an excellent f99it with the challenge.

Page 13-19 of the You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book by Louise Hay deal with the subject of deservability.


“Sometines we refuse to put any effort into creating a good life for ourselves because we believe that we don’t deserve it.  the belief that we aren’t deserving usually comes from our early childhood experiences.  Perhaps we were told that we couldn’t have what we wanted if we didn’t ear all our food, clean our room or put our toys away. Or maybe we were subjected to abuse.  We could be buying into amother person’s concept or opinion that has nothing to do with our own reality.

Deserving has everything to do with having good in our lives.  It’s our unwillingness to accept that  gets in the way.  Allow yourself to accept good, whether you think you deserve it or not.”


YOU Are!

Exercise:  Deservability

Answer the following questions as best you can.  They will help you understand the power of deservability.

  1.  What do you want that you do not have now?  be clear and specific about your desires.
  2. What were the Laws/rules in your home about deserving?  Did they tell you that “you don’t deserve” or “you deserve a good smack”?  Did your parents feel deserving?  Did you always have to earn in order to deserve ?  Did earning work for you?  Were you told that you were no good?  Or that sinners don’t deserve?  Were things taken away from you when you did something wrong?
  3. Do you feel that you deserve?  What is the thought that comes up:  “Later, when I earn it” or “I have to work for it first”?  Are you good enough?  Will you ever be good enough?
  4. Do you deserve to live?  Why?  Why not?  Were you ever told, “You deserve to die”?  If so, was this part of your religious upbringing?
  5. What do you have to live for?  What is the purpose in your life?  What meaning have you created?  Are you filled with joy when you awaken?
  6. Whom do you need to forgive in order to deserve?  Bitterness pus a wall around our heart and makes it difficult for us to receive.
  7. What do you deserve?  Do you believe:  “I deserve love and joy and all good”?  Or do you feel deep down that you deserve nothing?  Why?  Where id the message come from?  Are you willing to let it go?  What are you willing to put in its place?  Remember, these are thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.

You can see that personal power is affected by the way we perceive our deservability.  Try this next treatment.  Put most simply, treatments are positive statements made in any given situation to establish new thought patterns, and dissolve old ones.

Worthy Of Me

Glad To Be ME

Deservability Treatment

I am one with Life, and all of Life loves and supports me.  I am deserving.  I deserve all good.  Not some, not a little bi, but all good.  I now move past all negative, restricting thoughts.  I release and leg go of the limitations of my parents.  I can love them, and I can go beyond them.  I am not their negative opinions, nor their limiting beliefs.  I am not bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the current society I live in.  I no longer identify with limitation of any kind.  In my mind, I have total freedom.  I now move into a new space of consciousness, where I am willing to see myself differently.  I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and about my life.  My new thinking becomes new experiences.  I now know and affirm that I am one with the Prospering Power of the Universe.  As such, I now prosper in a number of ways.  The totaliity of possibilities lies before me.  I deserve a good life.  I deserve an abundance of love.  I deserve good health.  I deserve to live comfortably and to prosper.  I deserve joy and happiness.  I deserve freedom to be all that I can be.  I deserve more than that.  I deserve all good.  The univers is more than willing to manifest my new beliefs.  This is the truth of my being, and I accept it as so.  All is good in my world.”



So, I did this exercise today too.

I have not done it for a long time, so I figured I needed it too.

Afterall, I am doing this challenge as much for me as anything else.


I am not one of those folks who goes into the past and tries to work everything out and give it some sort of meaning.

Works for some people, not for me.

I find it a big waste of time and would rather focus on what I want and moving forward.

That may just be me.

If you have serious issues from the past that are impacting you (and if you have chronic pain, chances are, you do)  you may want to seek the help of qualified professionals.

There are all sorts of ways to deal with letting go of the past…past life regression, hypnosis, counseling, inner child work…just to name a few.

For me, I believe it doesn’t matter what happened in the past…

I can not change it.

Chances are, my interpretation of events are somewhat distorted (after playing some experiences over and over and over again in my mind 100s or even 1000s of times…ask me about the fat and ugly story some time).

I would father do something now, than be slowed down by things I can only change my thinking about or by letting go of.

I know people who have spent decades in therapy, and are still stuck.

That is NOT FOR ME.

But, like everything else, that I or anyone else (and I mean ANYONE) tell you…

you need to FILTER with your intuition and decide if it is right for you.

Lots of folks NEED these deeper dives into things to move forward.


You DO KNOW what that is.

Be honest with yourself and ASK FOR HELP when and if you need it.

What Want. Begin.

Begin With The End In Mind

I am a self-starter (a friend of mine recently shared this term with me)…

I am driven to seek out and find my own answers.

I can not wait for someone else to come up with them for me or to tell me what I should do for me…

and how the heck do they know anyway?

A doctor I spend 15 minutes with (thank you insurance companies) can barely glimpse my chart, much less listen to what I have to say about what is going on with me and draw conclusions…

Expecting a lot of others…doesn’t work for me.

I choose to research and dig in and ask questions and study and learn and explore what is ‘out there in the world’ that might be helpful for me and my unique situation.

I encourage you to do the same…

take charge of your life and your health and your pain.

Do not think, for one minute, someone else will do it for you…

unless you happen to be under 13…then maybe you can expect someone else

to carry the ball for you.  (Probably not even then…parents do the best we can, but we hate to see our kids suffer and often do not know what to do.  I would recommend if one of your children does have chronic pain…YOU do what I suggest for them.  Research, dig, learn, look for answers…and don’t stop until you find them and get your loved one whatever they need to live a happy, healthy life)

But I digress.

We All Deserve A Healthy, Happy, Pain Free Live Experience.

If you disagree with this, you should probably stop listening to me and this 30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge.

So, on my personal journey, I have listened to thousands of hours of ‘programs’ both on and off line.

Take What YOU Need!

Take What YOU Need!

One such program is by Darius Barazandeh from You Wealth Revolution.  It is an on-line program (about 8 years now..) that interviews specialist and healers from all different ‘modalities’.  I started listening to and buying deeper work of some of the guest experts he had on the calls back before it was called You Wealth Revolution…do not remember the name of the program back then.

Anyway, he always had on interesting guests, who expanded my thinking and beliefs in ways I had never experienced before.

At the end of each interview he would ask each guest to share their ONE piece of advice that they would like to give to his listeners.

Harrison Klein was one of the guests and his advice was “you are enough” and I burst into tears.  Fortunately I was home alone in my living room.  This was a clear sign to me that I had some ‘stuff’ in my past that was contributing to by illnesses and pain (from my past) that needed to be dealt with or let go of.

This was my first exposure to the ‘I am not good enough” false belief (which is similar to deservability).

So many of us that have health issues and especially those that are accompanied by chronic pain have some sort of STUCK fear emotions…many that stem from the I am not good enough, I don’t deserve, I am not worthy (or some form of these) FALSE BELIEFS.

Forgive For U

Forgive Them. ALl of Thems. The more of Thems you can forgive…THE LIGHTER YOU’LL Feel!

How do you know they are false?

Say them to yourself and see how they make you feel.

For example, when you say I am not good enough, how does that make you feel?

Does it make you feel heavier or lighter?

How about, I don’t deserve perfect health or I deserve this pain.

How does that make you feel?

If you ask yourself a question, any question, and it make you feel heavier…IT IS NOT TRUE FOR YOU (or a lie, false belief)

If you ask yourself a question or make a statement about yourself and it makes you feel lighter (or a positive emotion), than it IS TRUE FOR YOU.

Your Body/Feelings do not lie.  They tap into your true self (inner being) and tell you the truth of what is and is not right for you.

The KEY is to listen to them!!!

So often we do not.

Stop it.

I have come to believe that all negative emotions and false beliefs stem from fear.

What do you think?


Third: Power Thought Card

“I am willing to change”

“I am willing to release old, negative beliefs.  They are only thoughts that stand in my way.  My new thoughts are positive and fulfilling.”

...best days...

Some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet…

Fourth: Afformation

I am choosing me.

I am choosing me right now.

Why is it so easy to be choosing me right now?

See It Right

How I See It Is What Matters.

Fifth: If This Is Your Life, Here Are The Rules Card:


“Give yourself permission to do what you want.”

Impossible Journey

Start You Journey NOW

Nature Of Infinite Love & Gratitude Card:


“Regardless of the fears associated with change, it is the only path to healing.  I embrace change with gratitude.”


Sixth: Question?

What am I willing to change?


It Is Up To YOU!

Seventh: Today’s Share Challenge

Share one change you will make to experience less pain.


That’s it for today.

Chronic Pain may be a part of your life, but it does not have to be your life.

See You Tomorrow,

Pain Killer

P.S. Don’t forget to share today!
There is so much we can learn from each other.


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