30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Day 25

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

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That’s Your Soul Talking…


Today’s challenge is to “Trust Your Intuitive Heart”…

How often do you listen to and honor (as in follow the direction) your intuition?

You know, that feeling in your gut (at least for me) that tells you what to do…

I found an exercise in Richard Carlson’s “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Workbook” that is right in line with this challenge.

He says…”Trusting your intuitive heart means listening to and trusting that quiet inner voice that knows what it is you need to do.”

Well, you might be asking, HOW THE HECK DO I DO THAT?

“Start by setting aside quiet time to clear you mind and listen. Ignore self-defeating thoughts that come to mind, and pay attention to the calm thoughts that surface.  You’ll find that when you respond to your intuitive heart, you’ll often be rewarded with positive, loving experiences.”

Ah, really?

How often do we NOT listen to our ‘gut’ and end up in hot water?

Well you might not have ever done that, but I sure have.

And the funny thing is…

I ALWAYS KNEW at the time, that I was making a mistake.

By mistake, I mean ‘not the right choice for me’.

Know Yourself

Knowing Me Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom…

“Start trusting you intuitive heart today.  If you don’t know where to get started, try these exercises below.  They require that you clear your mind and really try to get inside yourself.  Write your memories in the blank spaces.  You’ll be on your way.”

  1.  Think back to the time before you started school. (If you can’t remember back that far, think back as far as you can.)  Try to remember a particularly happy moment.  What made it so pleasurable?
  2. Think back to preschool or kindergarten, when you had a choice to make between activities.  How do you think you made a decision about what to do?
  3. Try to remember a time when you were taking a school test and faced a particularly hard time deciding between two equally tempting answers.  How did you decide?
  4. Think of a time when you had a deadline to make and were so tired or stressed that you set aside your work for a while and were later able to resume your work refreshed.  How did you know what to do?
  5. Think of a time when you were doing a project (woodworking, sewing, or whatever) and you reached a snag that you were able to get out of without resorting to help from instructions or someone else.
  6. Think of a physical activity that you do well.  How do you know what to do when?
  7. Try to remember a time when you were able to tell what was troubling someone without knowing how you knew.  How might you have figured it out?
  8. Think about a time when you were trying so hard to solve some kind of problem that your brain actually felt tired.  You stopped thinking, then all of a sudden the answer came to you.  How do you think it happened?
  9. How do you know if you made the right or wrong career choice?
  10. How do you know if someone seems right for you?
  11. Now try clearing your mind.  What thoughts or feelings come to you?  What do they suggest you do to follow them?  Try this whenever you believe you are ‘overthinking.”

Do these questions SHOW you how your intuition works?

They help me identify my way of tapping into (listening) to my inner voice.

Heart Centered Thriving

Follow You Heart…

I contend that we know what is right for us,  what we WANT, what we need to do to get…whether we want to admit it or not.

Sometimes our ego gets in the way.  Pesky thing.

Sometimes we let the voices and opinions and beliefs of others, influence us.

We all do it…

or at least we have in the past.

But guess what?

The PAST is the PAST.

It does not matter one bit (unless you CHOOSE to let it impact your present and future)…not sure WHY you would want to do that…

but I be you know why, right?

You don’t have to tell me…or anyone else…just be HONEST with YOU!

Today…right now…begin figuring out how your INTUITION, you intuitive heart, you Being, you soul, your bigger self, you spirit (whatever you call it)…communicates to you.

I can guarantee it will make YOUR LIFE easier…

and less painful.


Third: Power Thought Card

“I express my creativity”

“My unique creative talents and abilities flow through me and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways.  My creativity is always in demand.”



Fourth: Afformation

I am in charge of what everything means.

I decide what everything means right now,

Why is it so easy for me to be in charge or what everything means (to me right now)?


Don’t Just Meet Your Goals…Destroy (Exceed) Them & Thrive!

Fifth: If This Is Your Life, Here Are The Rules Card:


“Formulate markers that acknowledge your progress and show you where energy or effort is needed.”


You are the navigator of your emotions and your life.

Nature Of Infinite Love & Gratitude Card:


“Emotions transform energy, energy creates movement, movement is change…and change is the essence of my life.  the more I choose to change, the more empowered I feel.  I am energy in motion.”


Sixth: Question?

What is in it for me?


How does it make you feel?

Seventh: Today’s Share Challenge

Share one time you did not follow your intuition…bonus if you share how it turned out for you!


That’s it for today.

Chronic Pain may be a part of your life, but it does not have to be your life.

See You Tomorrow,

Pain Killer

P.S. Don’t forget to share today!
There is so much we can learn from each other.


Potential…INside YOU!

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