30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Day 24

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

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This is our wrap up day on Lynn Grabhorn’s Tenet about well-being.

A Few Final Thoughts from Lynn and comments from me (you knew those were coming, right?)

“Force yourself to look for the well-being that is there,be it in government, the economy, wars, disasters, pestilence, localized massacres, relationships and even on TV.  Look for it and decide to find it!  By doing that, not only will you change the planet, you will bring endless buckets of well-being into your own life.  Guaranteed!”

“And so…

Open your own valve no matter what,

no matter what,


We can not be connected to well-being, and flowing well-being, without having well-being, because not one thing comes to us that does not match our vibration.”

“The bottom line is:

What we focus on is what we feel.

What we feel is what we vibrate.

What we vibrate is what we attract.

“When enough of us on this precious piece of real estate begin to get even a small amount of our negative energy turned to positive flow, wars will stop, trees will grow, suicides will be a thing of the past, prejudice will evaporate, natural disasters will all but cease.  Like attracts like.  That is the way it is.”

“Open valves connect us to our core energy, bringing well-being.  The more connected we are, the more well-being abounds.  Open your valve!


…There are many folks who talk about everything being energy…

If you want to know more…look it up.  That’s what I did.

I got curious and started checking things out.

I learned a ton.

Nothing I am sharing during these 30 days is ‘mine’.

Everything I am and all I know, is the culminations of all I have experienced up to this point in time.

I may have learned how to tap into various sources of knowledge, but I sure didn’t create them.

I like to think of myself as a sponge…

I wipe up lots of stuff and when I get saturated, I wring out the extra stuff that doesn’t serve me.

I am forever looking for things that make me feel better and are FOR me (in my best interests).

What those things are for me,

are surely different then the unique blend of things that are FOR YOU.

Your mission, your job, your purpose…

is to continue to search out and find the things that are FOR YOU.

It is kinda like treasure hunting.

How fun is that?


You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.

Do you know anyone with a metal detector?

My father-in-law had one.  He and my son would comb different places looking for treasures.  It was FUN.

That is what you want to do for you.

You want to be seeking out the “WHAT WORKS FOR ME” treasures and be filling up your treasure chest.

Fill it up with things you WANT.

Don’t put anything in it that you do not want.

It is YOUR treasure chest.

You decide what is and is not a treasure.

You decide what does and does not belong inside.

My treasure chest has nutrition, and exercise (yup, the real physical kind…with the exception of running and burpees…we have discussed those…they are NOT for me, so they are not in my treasure chest), and EFT, and tapping, and hypnosis, and supplements, and afformations, and card decks, and mentors, and books/programs, and coaches, and ONE prescription (for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the ICD in me), and meditation…the list goes on.

So let’s dive into one meditation today.

Meditation to me is just breathing and focusing my energy (remember everything is energy, so I mostly mean my thoughts here)…

I like to learn about things by immersion.

I go out and look for all sorts of sources of information on a topic,

consume them all,

then form my own thoughts and opinions about them.

Generally, if they make me feel better, I like them…they are for me.

If I don’t feel better…

I look for something else.
That’s how I learned to cook.

I read lots (I mean hundreds) of cook books.

Then I just started practicing and figuring out what works for me.

Now, I just COOK.

I don’t use recipes or anything

I just know what to put together to make a great dish.


I have used the same approach with a lot of things…

especially in my journey to KILL Chronic Pain in my life.

One of my favorite tools…is meditation.

I have read LOT of them.

I read them,

I do them,

I tweak them again and again,

until they feel perfect for me.
So here is one from Lynn that you can do the same thing to…if you like it.

I am

I am


I AM Well-Being

Close your eyes…and take a few moments to relax fully with several deep breaths.  When you are ready, visualize yourself at the center of a massive figure eight of liquid white light.  Sent the bottom of the figure eight down into Mother Earth, looping it around her core.  Now make the figure eight top-heavy by looping the upper half far, far, up into the universe.  Remember, you are the center, so now…shine! shine! shine!!!  Intensify both loops from your center and make the light of your figure eight glow with lots of love.

Sit for a moment and feeeeeel what you are doing.  Allow your frequency to rise.  Feel the love you are sending to–and wrapping around–the center of Mother Earth.  Feel the love coming back to you, from the universe, down the light-lines, of your huge loop.  Feel that love flowing into you, then flow it out.  Feel it. Feel it. Feel it.  And now, as you continue to intensify the light, the magnetics, and the love flowing and attracting from both loops,say silently and feeeeeel, “From this moment on, I intend for well-being to be the dominant vibration in my life.”

“From this moment on, I will say yes to well-being.”

“From this moment on, I will remember that the core of me, my essence , the totality of all that I am is security, wellness, freedom, knowing and well-being.”

“From this moment on, I acknowledge that my Source is pre well-being and I am my Source.

“From this moment on, I will do all I am capable of doing to remain in harmony with this greater vibration that I am.”

“And now, from the Light of God that I am, I ask all who walk with me, all who teach me, and all who stand by me to assist me in relaxing into the vibration of well-being, and into the absolute knowing that all is truly well.  Above all, I ask my God-force to flow within me at all times, and to help me feel the power and the security of that flow.  So be it!  Come back slowly, knowing you have changed.”

“The more energy of love you flow out, the more of it you will become.”

Sit with this a bit.
How does it make you feel?
What kind of well-being do you think will be flowing through you if you do this every day, say for a week?
I dare you to do it…

Life Is Simple

Keep It Simple Sweety

Third: Power Thought Card

“Life is simple and easy”

“All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me.  I trust myself and I trust trust Life.  All is well.”


What’s Next For YOU?

Fourth: Afformation

I am flexible.

I am flexible, right now.

Why is it so easy for me to be flexible right now?


Fifth: If This Is Your Life, Here Are The Rules Card:


“Actively focus on the information you’re receiving.”

Thoughts Create You

Think To Create Your THRIVING Life!

Nature Of Infinite Love & Gratitude Card:


“Even when it appears that I do not have a choice, I always do.  Every instant is a mini-lifetime, a ripple in the ocean that manifests as experience itself.”


Sixth: Question?

How can I be more flexible today?  How can I be more open?  How can I consider more possibilities?



Seventh: Today’s Share Challenge

Share one way you will attract well-being today.


That’s it for today.

Chronic Pain may be a part of your life, but it does not have to be your life.

See You Tomorrow,

Pain Killer

P.S. Don’t forget to share today!
There is so much we can learn from each other.

Believe in YOU.

What do you BELIEVE?

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