30 Day Chronic Pain Challenge Day 15

Chronic Pain Challenge

Kick Your Chronic Pain To The Curb (I want to say ‘in the ass, but do not want to offend anybody!!

First: Facebook Live Video
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Half way mark TODAY.  Day 15 of 30.

How are you doing?

Have you noticed any changes?

Have you had any aha moments?

Have you learned anything new, about YOU?

Find U

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.


Today, we will do a pretty easy (yet very powerful challenge).

All that stress from yesterday may still be weighing on you…and I do not ever

want to be the reason for you feeling more (negative) stress.

I will sign up to be a source of POSITIVE change and progress for you though!

That is why I am here sharing this stuff…

because it has changed my life.

These things have given me my life back.

I never think and would hate to even imagine what my life would be like if I had not decided I was fed up…

with all the doctors and test with no answers…

with the days and weeks of solitude because I was in so much pain I could not bare to have anyone around me…

with the feelings of being out of control and at the mercy of my pain (and illness)

with the endless drugs and their side-effects (yet still being in so much pain I often just wanted to die)…

and that I was not going to take it anymore!

I surely would not be here today.

super-size you

Don’t shrink your dreams. Super-size your courage and abilities.

But back to our challenge…

Today we are going to pick an affirmation about our health (because we want to focus on that) and WRITE IT 25 times on a piece of paper.

Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing

Mine is:  I am fit, trim, energized and active.

I say it repeatedly when I go for walks…because sometimes (ok, pretty often) when I begin my walk…I am not feeling particularly energetic, fit, trim or active.

Some days it is really HARD to get my body out for a walk….but I find that if I repeat this or another affirmation in my head…pretty soon I am up and walking at my usual pace.

Here are some more:

  • Healing is already in progress.
  • I listen with love to my body’s messages.
  • My health is radiant, vibrant, and dynamic now.
  • I am grateful for my perfect health.
  • I deserve good health.

I used to say, “I am getting better and better.  Everyday, in everyway, I am getting better and better.”

I have a whole slew of affirmations I call upon, based on what I want to create in my life on any given day.

Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to create what you want in your life.

It is fun and beneficial to get them from others…

but the real power comes from the ones you make up for YOU!

What's cooking?

What are you COOKIN’ Up today?

I look at affirmations the same way I do cooking.

I am one of those cooks who just throws stuff together and creates yummy things.

I do not use recipes or follow directions particularly well.

Yet, I understand the methods, the science, and how of cooking.

I know that when I combine certain ingredients…pretty much anything I want to make will be delicious.

I also know that putting the wrong ingredients will be terrible, no matter how good a cook I am.

Now, I did not become a good cook, by accident.

I loved cooking and creating things when I was young.

That curiosity led me to read cook books.

Sometimes I would make the recipes, but mostly, I just read them.

And I read a lot of them.

I lost count, I read so many cook books.

And after a while…my brain, just knew what to do.

It learned how to combine what to create what I wanted in the kitchen.
Affirmations are like the raw ingredients in your recipe…but you are cooking up your life.

When you combine them in the right way, something amazing happens.

You get (create) what you want.


YOU Are!

My point of all this is…

you can learn from others…

but you are THE ONE  who has

to decide to cook.

You are the only one who can create your life.
Create what you want…

and bake out chronic pain!

That is what I did…and my life is a whole lot better because of it.


DO this simple challenge today.

You get to pick which affirmation you will write.

See what happens for you.

Somewhere in the writing…you actually start to believe in the possibility of it being true for you…and the creation begins!


I actually filled a whole college-ruled notebook using this technique.

I don’t recall what the affirmation was…but it was something in my life I wanted to change badly.

I created my affirmation…and wrote a page a day in that notebook.

I should look for it…knowing me…I have it tucked away somewhere.

The fact that I can not even remember what it was…

is proof that I removed it from my life!

Just do it today….

if it helps,

you now have another cool tool in your Chronic Pain Killing Toolbox!

Live Thrive

Live Your Amazing Thriving Life!

Third: Power Thought Card

“I trust the process of life”

“There is a rhythm and flow to Life, and I am part of it.  Life supports me and brings to me only good and positive experiences.  I trust the process of Life to bring me my highest good.”

Awesome U

Be Awesome. Be YOU!

Fourth: Afformation

I feel terrific.

Right Now, I feel terrific.

Why is it so easy for me to feel terrific (right now)?


What if today we were just grateful for everything?

Fifth: If This Is Your Life, Here Are The Rules Card:


“Discover the blessings you already have.”


Hey Universe…What’s up?

Nature Of Infinite Love & Gratitude Card:


“Dialogue is the key to inner peace.  Symptoms and stress give me an opportunity to reconnect to the Divine wisdom of my body and life.”

letthe Universetakecareofit

Sixth: Question?

How does Life (the Universe, world, etc.) have my back (support me) today?

The Universe SUPPORTS me always!

The Universe SUPPORTS me always!

Seventh: Today’s Share Challenge

Share your FAVORITE way to reduce stress!

Mine…bubble bath, walks in nature, sunshine on my face, caramel (yup, I admit it).

That’s it for today.

Chronic Pain may be a part of your life, but it does not have to be your life.

See You Tomorrow,

Pain Killer

P.S. Don’t forget to share today!
There is so much we can learn from each other.


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